Yes x No I do not know

Yes x No I do not know Yes x No I do not know Appearance of the child in the first some weeks after the birth: Pale and fragile by sight Unusually healthy by sight x Usual I do not know Another Unusual conditions of the birth and infancy note only one option: Unusual conditions: Specify, which: blindness ___; cerebral palsy ___; patrimonial trauma ___; spasms ___; asphyxia ___; the increased temperature ___; jaundice ___; another ___ One of twins ___ uniovular ___; time noyaytsovy ___ That and another x I do not know Health of the child in the first months: x Excellent health, without problems Respiratory diseases frequent infections ___; another ___ Skin diseases rash ___; infection ___; allergy ___; another ___ Difficulties with feeding schooling to a breast ___; gripes ___; vomiting ___; another ___ Secretory system diarrhea ___; lock ___; Another ___ A little from the abovementioned specify, what exactly: ___; ___; ___; ___; ___ Whether did to the child the electroencephalogram?

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We scissor paper big and small syllables chikchikchik, chakchakchak being slow to say slowly, quickly, speed.

Pronouncing syllables on behalf of children, their relatives, animals, aliens, heroes of fairy tales, toys, inanimate objects, etc.

Storing and reproduction of syllables and syllabic combinations, and expression of an emotional state by means of intonation and a mimicry.

Barsuchikh is abused by Barsuchonka: Brybrabro angrily.

Barsuchonok it is guilty: Grygragro.

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Those parents, to. the tory

Those parents, to. the tory Never being exposed to spiteful training and therefore Petter trusting to parents also did not come nearer to water, and parents knew that they have nothing to worry.

Those parents, to.

the tory establish discipline in a family by fear and the power, living on the bank of such lake, would be in constant tension.

Children usually so get used to parental lie that when mother speaks: Water is dangerous they simply do not trust it.

They, on the contrary, have a desire to go to water.

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Birds flied

Birds flied Choose a proper word.

The father came left the room.

Prompt the first part of the word.

Birds flied to a feeding trough.

What two words hid in one?

What two words hid in the word the goodnatured?

Kind soul Reading words.

Automation of a sound in phrases Connection of words on sense the difficult language phenomenon.

Phrases are base for drawing up offers.

Work on the phrase can be spent short time as independent occupation, generally this work joins in other occupations.

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Pronouncing Development of spatial and acoustical perception Where the radio beacon sound is heard?

Development of a small motility of fingers of hands Massage or selfmassage Development of an articulation motility Performance of articulation exercises taking into account specific features of the child.

Pronouncing syllabic combinations.

Coordination of breath, articulation and fonation Game task Conversation of aliens.

To say syllables with change of an accent and intonation: Plaplo, plupla!

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